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26 November 2013

Heads up, Florida! WaveRunners aren’t the only game in town

Even though Ryan Peacock, a recent HTC trainee, says that for the last 25 years he “pretty much eats, drinks and sleeps watersports”, he knew couldn’t just jump in a hovercraft and take off. In looking for something a bit different for his business - All Florida Watersports on Marco Island - Ryan says, “We started looking on the web, and there you guys were – something to do other than WaveRunners and typical boat rentals.”

He ordered a six-passenger commercial hovercraft from Neoteric, then immediately signed up for training at Hovercraft Training Centers, recognizing that the “first step is to know what a hovercraft does and how it operates.”
Ryan Peacock (second from left), and his coworkers complete HTC training with instructor Steve Stafford (third from left).
Ryan’s 6-passenger Neoteric Hovertrek™ at home on Marco Island, Florida.
Before his hands-on flight training, Ryan and his team said they read the HTC Training Manual and the phrase that stuck in their minds was, “It’ll take your ego away.” And after training, when asked if they learned anything about hovercraft that they didn’t know before, their joint response was, “Yes – most of it! It’s wild, for sure!”

What impressed them most? “For us, being boat handlers, the ease of handling the hovercraft. It’s a different animal altogether. It’s just incredible how there’s no transition; from land to water you don’t feel a thing. It’s amazing!”

Finally, the All Florida Watersports crew offered some wise advice: “You can’t do it without training; it would be near impossible without an instructor. You have to have the experience of an instructor talking continuously in your ear to accomplish your maneuvers.”

That’s why HTC is here – and we're confident that Ryan and his professionally trained team are hovering on a real business boost for All Florida Watersports!


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