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25 November 2013

"Hovering" on the Coattails of Bubba's Hover

The Neoteric hovercraft exclusively used by HTC are the most copied hovercraft in the world – check it out at the World Hovercraft Organization’s Hovercraft Ripoff Report. As the old saying goes, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

And since the Bubba’s Hover phenomenon, even major companies like Fiat are jumping on the hovercraft bandwagon. Last week the MSC Divina Cruise ship was escorted into Miami by a fleet of “Fiat 500 Hovercraft” …
But wait – those Fiats are in no way hovercraft. They’re not flying on a cushion of air – they’ve just been made into boats by sticking a propeller or water jet beneath them. This is like calling a canoe a hot air balloon!

Watch the video – would you call these hovercraft?

You definitely wouldn’t after you take a Test Flight or go through Training at HTC. Rest assured – we use the real thing!


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