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15 May 2015

Military Hovercraft Flight Training in Viet Nam

Last year, Hovercraft Training Centers conducted flight training in Hanoi for first responders from the Viet Nam military’s National Department of Rescue and Relief on their two new Neoteric military hovercraft. The Department, under the Ministry of National Defense, coordinates military and non-military forces in search and rescue operations and disaster relief.

The importance of hovercraft is widely recognized in Viet Nam, by the military and the civil sector as well. Defense Studies and PhunuToday published articles about their hovercraft, stating, “Viet Nam People’s Army is now equipped with modern air-cushion boats by an American producer that have many advantages in Viet Nam. The hovercraft, manufactured by Neoteric Hovercraft (American), can be applied to military and civil tasks.”

Their first two hovercraft have proven to be such a valuable asset to the Viet Nam People’s Army that this year it ordered two additional 6-passenger Neoteric hovercraft. HTC Flight Instructor Steve Stafford recently traveled to Vietnam to conduct flight training to additional Army personnel on their new craft on Suoi Hai Lake at the Emergency Response Training Facility near Hanoi …

During training, four first responders from a fire department near Ho Chi Minh City flew in to observe the hovercraft in operation, and Steve Stafford gave them a demonstration flight …

Since HTC conducts flight training throughout the world, interpreters serve a critical role. Here, Thuy Nguyen Thu translates Stafford’s instructions to the trainees …

With their four Neoteric hovercraft, and professionally trained military pilots, the People’s Army of Viet Nam is well-prepared to conduct operations that cannot be handled by any other vehicle. The craft are a great asset in a country often plagued by monsoons and floods.

Here, the newly-trained pilots receive their certifications …

From the left: Nguyen Van Nuoi, Bru Hoang Than, Instructor Steve Stafford,
Interpreter Thuy Nguyen Thu, Phan Nhat Anh, and Do Xuan Vu.



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