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28 January 2014

“First things first: If you don’t know how to use it – stay off of it!”

Barry Eison of Tennessee has grand plans for his hovercraft. And since he’s a ‘first things first’ person, Barry based his future plans on a strong foundation of training: “My biggest concern is being able to safely operate the craft.” So, naturally, his first step was to enroll in an HTC training course

Barry trained during the coldest winter in a century: “We trained in the most adverse conditions I have ever encountered, but Chris’ determination and patience was exemplary and made it that much more enjoyable.

Barry Eison (right) accepts his Hovercraft Pilot Certification from HTC Senior Instructor Chris Fitzgerald.
Barry trained during the coldest winter in a century: “We trained in the most adverse conditions I have ever encountered, but Chris’ determination and patience was exemplary and made it that much more enjoyable.

After his training course, Barry emailed HTC to share his thoughts. They’re full of wisdom about the importance of training, and definitely worth sharing – especially for those of you who might be considering buying a hovercraft and just jumping in on your own. Barry says …

1) Training is absolutely necessary. If you don’t know how to use it, stay off of it!
2) A hovercraft is a flying machine. Its capabilities must be learned and it takes time to learn to operate it.
3) If one gets too “cocky” or arrogant in their familiarization with the craft, you can get hurt or damage the machine!
4) It’s important to learn to feel the response of the craft and recognize that it doesn’t take much to alter its flight.
5) Anticipate the path you will take when you’re executing turns or other maneuvers.
6) Think, think, think! Starting, stopping - every move requires thought until you know it by heart.
7) Do not overreact when responding to changes.
8) Learn the machine – inside and out, front to back.

Barry also wanted to be sure he purchased a state-of-the-art hovercraft – so he chose a Neoteric HoverTrek™, the craft we use exclusively at HTC. “I’ve looked at just about every hovercraft out there. If you go online and look at reviews, Neoteric is the only one that doesn’t have a single negative review.” 

But what about Barry’s future plans? He says, “I have a motive; it’s not just that I want a toy to play with.” Yes, he plans to use his hovercraft for hunting, fishing, etc., but he also plans to turn it into a business. From sportsmen and rice farmers, to first responders and game wardens, Barry says “I already have 14 people who are interested in taking test flights. One guy wanted to buy one sight unseen. I told him to hold off!”

That’s because Barry Eison keeps first things first – and thoroughly understands how important it is to fly before you buy!

What are your future plans? Opportunity hovers …

27 January 2014

Cold is cool when you have a hovercraft!

It’s now official: this is the coldest January in a century. But hovercraft pilots aren’t stuck inside huddled before the hearth – they’re outside indulging in some ice-capades! Watch Dirk Lohry soar over the broken ice last week on McCook Lake in South Dakota …

Want to see for yourself why hovercraft are the vehicle of choice for ice fishing, ice rescues and other ice operations? Schedule an HTC Test Flight before the Spring thaw!

Note: Dirk Lohry built his own hovercraft from a Neoteric Partially-Assembled Kit. Check out the photo gallery of its construction in the Neoteric Hover Garage …

20 January 2014

HTC and Neoteric are Great Asset at Exclusive Business Event

It’s been dubbed the “the ultimate adventure in capitalism.” But judging by the photos so far, the Noble Financial Capital Markets 10th Annual Equity Conference (“Noble 10”) may very well go down in history as the “ultimate adventure in hovercrafting!”

HTC instructor Steve Stafford was invited to give Neoteric hovercraft and HoverGolf Cart rides to Wall Street executives, investors, world business leaders and their families at this exclusive private event in Port St. Lucie, Florida at Club Med. But the excitement started even before he arrived – the two craft stopped traffic and attracted photographers all across the country as they traveled from Indiana to Florida! And then at Club Med, the interest really peaked ...

You'd think there was nothing else on a beach for kids to do!

Oh, yeah! There's nothing better than a hovercraft ride!
From being an event highlight, to increasing charitable donations, to boosting military recruiting – nothing does it better than a hovercraft!

Check back soon for more photos!

Noble Financial Capital Markets is a research-driven boutique investment bank focused on
emerging growth companies in the energy, healthcare, technology and media
& entertainment sectors.

16 January 2014

HTC Instructor & HoverGolf Cart Join Wall Street Execs at Club Med

Did you think Bubba’s Hover was just a passing fad? If so, think again! Since the world discovered that Neoteric’s Hovercraft Golf Cart is an attention-getter, it has definitely been going places - events throughout the world are featuring it as a major attraction.

This weekend, HTC’s Flight Instructor Steve Stafford will join Wall Street executives, investors, and world business leaders at Club Med in Port St. Lucie, Florida for “the ultimate adventure in capitalism”: the Noble Financial Capital Markets 10th Annual Equity Conference. While Cadillac provides general transportation at this famed event (last year it was Porsche), Steve will really have them flying high with rides in the HoverGolf Cart.

The 550 attendees will enjoy every luxury and leisure activity imaginable – from sailing, paddle boarding and flying trapeze lessons, to tennis with world-famous coach Gabriel Jaramillo and golf with the Club Med Academy and its renowned teaching pros. And, of course, gliding over the greens and hazards with an HTC pro in the most famous golf cart in the world!

In every way, this annual event is business at its best. As Mark Pinvidic, Noble’s managing partner and chief organizer of Noble 10 says, “We’re sure this one is going to score a perfect ten!”

No doubt about it, with HTC and the Neoteric HoverGolf Cart on board!

Check back next week to see event photos!

10 January 2014

Watch tomorrow! HTC hovercraft on Discovery Channel/Velocity TV Tech Toys 360!

This will show you why HTC trains on Neoteric hovercraft! Discovery Channel/Velocity TV’s Tech Toys 360 travels the world to find the most innovative vehicles and let you meet the people behind them. So of course they found the Neoteric Hovercraft and Bubba’s Hover!  

Tune in tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 11 at 8:30 p.m. (7:30c), to meet Neoteric President Chris Fitzgerald (HTC’s Senior Instructor) and take a tour through the Neoteric factory on the latest Tech Toys 360 episode, Above and Beyond! Here’s a preview …