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02 May 2014

The best hovercraft video you'll ever watch!

If you’ve ever had a question about hovercraft, this video is likely to answer it! And it will certainly give you an idea of the expertise behind Hovercraft Training Centers and the Neoteric hovercraft we use.

A TV program broadcast to more than 44 million households across the U.S., Indiana Outdoor Adventures, aired this episode featuring HTC founder / Senior Instructor Chris Fitzgerald and Flight Instructor Steve Stafford. You’ll learn how and why hovercraft came about in the first place, what makes them work, what they can do, how they’re manufactured, why they’re so safe – and lots more. And you’ll see them in lots of action.

The public response to the show has been overwhelmingly positive; here’s an example email the show received:

“Amazing! Mr. Fitzgerald seems like a really interesting man. I could listen to him talk all day. I think fire and rescue departments would really like to have these, especially in areas where ice fishing is popular. Thanks for producing another great show!”

We bet you’ll react the same way! Watch now …

We send a special thank you to the Perry Clear Creek Fire Department for their invaluable assistance in the filming of this show. Perry Clear Creek first responders and their Neoteric rescue hovercraft conducted the ice rescue demonstration in the program.


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