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28 April 2014

Is a hovercraft right for you? Here’s how the world decides!

You may not think of Terre Haute, Indiana as a global destination. But, thanks to Hovercraft Training Centers and Neoteric Hovercraft, that’s what this city has become.

As far back as 1976, Indiana Business Magazine labeled Terre Haute the “Small Hovercraft Capital of the World” - just a year after Neoteric moved from Australia to the USA and made Terre Haute its headquarters. Today, it might be appropriate to update the name to the “Hovercraft Training Capital of the World” - every week we have people from multiple nations coming to HTC for hovercraft training and test flights on Neoteric craft.

This week, just two of the nations represented for HTC test flights were Saudi Arabia and Canada. You've already met the delegation from Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of the Interior; now we’d like to introduce you to our Canadian visitors.

In their quest to learn more about hovercraft, David Gingell (front left), his friend Akhter Mirza (back right) and Akhter’s young son Shaan Mirza (back left), traveled from Saskatchewan, Canada to Terre Haute for a test flight with HTC Senior Instructor Chris Fitzgerald (front right)

Before launching the HTC Neoteric craft onto the Wabash River, Fitzgerald gives them a few spins to demonstrate the capabilities of the hovercraft’s reverse thrust system …

Off they go, flying onto a smooth but slightly flooded river on a perfect Spring day in Indiana …

An HTC test flight includes flying up and down the river, over sandbars, into shallow waters and various terrain that fully demonstrates the unique capabilities of hovercraft …

After transitioning back to shore, David, Ahkter and Shaan returned to HTC headquarters to fully discuss with Chris Fitzgerald the pros and cons of hovercraft for their intended application …

David and Ahkter were originally considering starting a hovercraft ride venture, but now they’re thinking about the possibility of opening a dealership in Canada. But whether you’re exploring a business opportunity or considering a hovercraft just for fun, there’s no better way to find out if your idea is a good one than to take a test flight. And an HTC Test Flight gives you far more than can be shown in just a few photos. Your test flight will:

·         Take you through ground training to teach you the core principles of hovercraft operation and maintenance;
·         Teach you to conduct a thorough pre-flight and post-flight inspection;
·         Let you experience the full capabilities of hovercraft in action, including takeoff, land-to-water transitions, reverse thrust performance, turning, spinning and accessing difficult areas such as shallow water, mud and other terrain.  
·         Give you a thorough question-and-answer session, with input from experts to help you decide if a hovercraft is the right choice for you.


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