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02 August 2013

Hovercraft Golf Cart Featured in Yahoo! Finance Breakout Profile

In one of its "Breakout Profiles", which feature emerging American success stories and innovators, Yahoo! Finance gets to the real truth underneath all the madcap publicity over Bubba Watson's wacky hovercraft golf cart: all gimmicks and glamour aside, hovercraft save lives where no other vehicle can go. With proper training, hovercraft offer much more than a sweet ride that will make your fellow golfers green with envy. In fact, they can dramatically improve the efficacy of law enforcement, fire departments, and other search and rescue organizations.

From the article:                

"There’s no reason why the majority of fire departments and sheriff departments and emergency management people couldn’t have a hovercraft," (HTC founder and Neoteric President Chris) Fitzgerald argues. "It’s about the same price as a police motorcycle so we’re going to see these vehicles all over the world in these rescue situations."

Check it out here.


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