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30 July 2013

Congressman Larry Bucshon visits Hovercraft Training Centers

Hovercraft Training Centers has captured the attention of Congress, which may lead to a significant expansion of HTC services. On July 26, Congressman Larry Bucshon visited HTC headquarters and announced his advocacy of a proposal for HTC to conduct hovercraft training for the U.S. Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.
Larry Bucshon visits Hovercraft Training Centers
There is surprising similarity between light hovercraft, such as the 6-passenger Neoteric Hovertrek™ (the exclusive HTC training craft) and the U.S. Navy Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC),  a 100-ton, $22-million craft used to transport 180 fully-equipped Marines, weapons systems and heavy cargo. Both operate by the same principles, as evidenced by HTC President Chris Fitzgerald’s recent visit to U.S. NavyAssault Craft Unit 4 in Virginia.

HTC’s proposal outlines the benefits of providing initial training military hovercraft crews and Homeland Security personnel at Hovercraft Training Centers. Military aircraft pilots follow a protocol of preliminary training on light aircraft, then moving on to larger models; this same training sequence would greatly benefit the U.S. Navy. Not only would it expedite the training process, it would also amplify recruiting and lower the dropout rate because light hovercraft could be used to attract and prequalify suitable candidates.

Before an introductory hovercraft flight on the Wabash River in Terre Haute, Rep. Bucshon spoke of further benefits:

“I am acting as an advocate,” Bucshon told the media. “We have a sagging economy, high unemployment rate – although that’s getting better. Any company that wants to expand in Terre Haute or in the 8th District and create some jobs is a good thing.”
Rep. Bucshon at Hovercraft Training Centers

“We’re already training firefighters and police officers from all over the world, along with personnel from the U.S. Border Patrol and U.S. Air Force. That’s been going on for decades,” said HTC founder Chris Fitzgerald.
Chris Fitzgerald Neoteric Hovercraft

“I’m gonna get a hovercraft ride today!”  Rep. Bucshon says with a smile as he boards an HTC training hovercraft with his Deputy District Director, Matt Huckleby in the rear seat and Chris Fitzgerald at the controls.
Larry Bucshon hovercraft ride

In their launch onto the Wabash River, Rep. Bucshon and Matt Huckleby experience the HTC Neoteric training hovercraft’s exceptional maneuverability due to its patented reverse thrust system.

After the hovercraft flight on the river, Chris Fitzgerald (left) welcomes Rep. Bucshon (right) to Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., where all HTC training hovercraft are manufactured.
Congressman Bucshon tours Neoteric Hovercraft

Rep. Bucshon checks out a Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart, to be delivered to the Superior Golf Club in Ukraine – the first non-U.S. golf course to own a replica of the BW1 hovercraft golf cart Neoteric manufactured for Bubba Watson.
Larry Bucshon with Neoteric Hovercraft Golf Cart

At the end of the factory tour, Rep. Bucshon and his representatives met with Fitzgerald to discuss the details of Hovercraft Training Centers’ proposal to train military LCAC and Ship-to-Shore Connector crews, as well as Homeland Security personnel, and to review the plan’s benefits for the U.S. Government as well as for the Congressman’s district and the state of Indiana.
Rep. Bucshon discusses military hovercraft training

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