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29 April 2017

LAST CHANCE! Don’t miss Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft at #FDIC Booth 2704 today!

#FDIC2017 ends today. This is your last chance to visit Booth 2704 and see why the Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft performs the safest and fastest rescue operations – especially in areas other vehicles can’t access, such as thin/broken ice, mud flats, intertidal areas, shallow rivers, swift water, and debris-filled flooded inland areas.

And be sure to enter our giveaway for your chance to learn to fly a rescue hovercraft - FREE! There’s no better way for you to experience for yourself why your fellow first responders in 50+ nations rely on the Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft to keep them, and their victims, safely above the danger, rather than in it.

Come meet Neoteric President/Founder Chris Fitzgerald and Vice President/Flight Instructor Steve Stafford. Neoteric is the world’s original light hovercraft manufacturer, in business for more than four decades. You’ll never meet anyone who knows more about rescue hovercraft than Chris and Steve, and they’re eagerly waiting to answer all your questions …

But don’t just take our word for it. Let your fellow first responders tell you why Neoteric Rescue Hovercraft Booth 2704 should be your top priority tomorrow at the closing day of the #FDIC …

North Muskegon Fire Department, Michigan: 
"Both the North Muskegon and Muskegon Fire Departments use hovercraft for their ice rescue operations. The hovercraft have saved more lives than our all our fire engines combined. Since 1985, 255 people have been rescued or removed from Muskegon area lakes using hovercraft. 50% would have drowned not having the hovercraft as a safe rescue tool." Read more ...

WOPR, a national water rescue organization in Poland:
“Regardless of the weather, our hovercraft can fly over water, ice, mud, sand, grass or wetlands – allowing us to get to those places you can’t reach either by boat or by foot. This machine can save people under the most difficult conditions that prevent the use of a helicopter.”

Mansfield Fire Department, Texas:
“The benefit of having the hovercraft is we do not have to send our personnel into the water to retrieve victims. It can also hover over logs, car tires and any other debris, unlike boats that could be a hazard in flood water. A hovercraft is the answer to a faster rescue – a safer rescue.” Read more ...

Central Fraser Valley Search & Rescue Society, Canada:
"The hovercraft gets us into areas that, before, we weren't able to reach, areas that our jet boat can't get into because we ingest debris into the impeller. And the hovercraft saves us a lot of time."

Council Bluffs Fire Department, Iowa:
"Our hovercraft can handle some of the most dangerous rescues that would otherwise be out of reach. It's the only vehicle able to operate on any surface; you can get it anywhere that basically nothing else can get to. With it, we're not sending first responders out into bad water or ice. We can go over it all with the hovercraft, grab the victim and bring them back." Read more ...

Davis County, Utah Sheriff's Office:
"Our hovercraft, without question, has saved lives. Much of our county is covered by the Great Salt Lake, and when the water is low it leaves miles of mudflats boats can't reach. We can't get airboats out there. When it's extremely windy it's hard to get an aircraft or helicopter out there, and even walking out is impossible. We were putting rescuers in harm's way, but the hovercraft allows us to hover over mud, ice or water and get right to the patient - to literally reach out our hand and pull them out. It's built like a plane: light, fast, maneuverable. It fills that "what if" need. And it's an awesome asset to have."


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