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19 February 2015

#Throwback Thursday Vintage Hovercraft Video

Long before the formal founding of Hovercraft Training Centers – and before the development of the ultra-modern HoverTrek™ we train with today – Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. was making history. That longevity as the world’s original light hovercraft manufacturer is one of the reasons we use Neoteric craft exclusively.

On this #TBT, let’s look back to a couple of Neoteric’s precursors to today’s HoverTrek™ - the Neova II and the LeMere. In the early 1980s, as their hovercraft were chosen to star in international television commercials, Neoteric was well on the way to the kind of fame they’ve earned today with Bubba’s Hover.

In this commercial for Brazil’s Hollywood Cigarettes, filmed on Lake Isabella in California, Neoteric provided four pilots, two LeMere and two Neova II hovercraft. When ordinary boats just aren’t glamorous enough, Neoteric hovercraft save the day! …

Also check out this video of vintage Neoteric hovercraft featured in a 1983 commercial for Canada’s Labatt’s Beer … and enjoy a Photographic Half-Century History of Hovercraft Training Centers and the Neoteric training hovercraft.

Essential even for a short commercial shoot, training has always been, and always will be, – the single most important factor for the successful operation of a hovercraft. And as the originator of the first successful light hovercraft, Neoteric and HTC founder Chris Fitzgerald has spent more than 50 years piloting, designing and developing hovercraft – and training those who fly them. Who better to be your instructor?

Time to step out of the past and into your future –
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