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08 February 2015

Think you can’t afford a hovercraft? Think again!

What a deal! Here’s a top-of-the-line hovercraft – at a rock bottom price ...

The Neoteric Hovercraft Trade-In Showroom has just posted a Neoteric HoverTrek™ on sale at an incredible price. This training hovercraft, used only by us at Hovercraft Training Centers, is the perfect starter craft. It’s equipped with Neoteric’s patented reverse thrust system, comfortable side-by-side seating and a 65 horsepower, 2-cycle Hirth engine. Regularly serviced by Neoteric, we can guarantee it’s in perfect shape.

You can own it for the bargain price of only $15,000 – and that includes a trailer!

You don’t need jet skis, boats, canoes, kayaks, ATVs and snowmobiles in order to enjoy the outdoors year-round – a hovercraft replaces them all. Whether you spend your leisure time on land, water, ice, snow, sand – or even mud – a hovercraft is the only vehicle that will fly you across any terrain, any time of the year. And hovercraft are not only safer and more fuel-efficient than boats, they’ll take you places that no other recreational vehicle can go.

So, if you want to save a bundle of money and have fun year-round, contact Neoteric today because this craft is going to sell quickly!

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