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20 January 2015

VIDEO: Drone footage of HTC Hovercraft Ice Rescue Training

First responders, your Hovercraft Training Centers education doesn’t always end when you finish your training course: our instructors often conduct special practice sessions for our graduates.

Last weekend the Perry Clear Creek, White River and Hazleton Fire Departments participated in an ice rescue practice with their Neoteric hovercraft on Calmuck Lake in Monroe City, Indiana, organized and conducted by HTC Flight Instructor, Steve Stafford. Steve is also Neoteric’s Law Enforcement Liaison and is the founder of Project H.E.R.O. (Hovercraft Emergency Response Operations).

Our appreciation goes to Rodney Helderman who captured the day’s activities on drone footage  – which illustrates how well the Neoteric rescue HoverTrek™, flown by professionally trained pilots, maneuvers on thin and broken ice.

And our sympathy goes to Neoteric’s VP of Marketing, Filip Przybysz, who spent a cold day playing the role of the victim who fell through the ice!

Check out the drone footage below, then watch the news coverage of the event

First responders: Could a hovercraft help you save lives?
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