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23 December 2014

HTC Grad Organizes New Hovercraft Event: 1st Annual Havasu HoverFest

Hovercraft Training Centers graduates don’t just learn to fly and then go back to their pre-hovercraft lives. We hear it over and over again: becoming a trained hovercraft pilot is a life-changing experience – bringing new adventures, new friends, and opening new horizons.

Take, for example, HTC grad Gary Meyers. Since earning his hovercraft pilot certification and buying a Neoteric HoverTrek™ (which he named “Neo”), much of Gary’s life has focused on hovercrafting around Lake Havasu in Arizona. He says, “I am still entirely enjoying Neo on and around Lake Havasu. This is the perfect terrain for recreational hovercrafting, with plenty of flat lands, beaches, water, and river areas to explore. The Neoteric can easily maneuver in areas not accessible to other boaters.  While passing near some of the shorelines, I often see a lot of faces being obscured by cameras and smart phones!  This is fun!”
Gary and "Neo" on the Colorado River, with the majestic Topock Gorge in the background.

And now Gary is sharing his adventures, by organizing a brand new hovercraft event – the 1st Annual Havasu HoverFest, coming up April 10-12 in conjunction with the largest boat show in the West - the Lake Havasu Boat Show. The HoverFest will include hovercraft demos, time trials off the beach, and a cruise up the Colorado River. 

Jump on board “Neo” and get a preview of the HoverFest as you cruise up the Colorado River with Gary …

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