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28 February 2014

VIDEO: Rescue Hovercraft Training in Viet Nam

As we posted earlier, HTC Senior Instructor Chris Fitzgerald is in Viet Nam this week, training first responders from the National Department of Rescue and Relief. Also being trained are Personnel from Tuyet NGA Co. Ltd., a supplier of security and rescue equipment, who is an Agent/Dealer for Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.

The two hovercraft in the video were purchased by Tuyet NGA and will be used by the National Emergency Response team – which will be a great asset in a country plagued by monsoons and floods.

Enjoy a video of Fitzgerald demonstrating the Neoteric HoverTrek’s one-of-a-kind maneuverability before flight training begins on Suoi Hai Lake at the Emergency Response Training Facility 60 Km west of Hanoi …


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