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01 May 2013

World's First Hovercraft Flight Academy Launches

Hovercraft Training Centers LLC, the world’s first hovercraft flight academy, has launched its flagship location in Terre Haute, Ind. USA, offering comprehensive light hovercraft operation and maintenance training and certification for rescue, military, commercial and recreational hovercraft pilots. Hovercraft Training Centers (HTC) was founded by Chris Fitzgerald, who is also founder and President of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., the world’s original light hovercraft manufacturer. Fitzgerald has trained and certified hovercraft pilots for more than 30 years. By formalizing his experience into an official training program that prepares both professionals and recreational hovercraft enthusiasts to achieve peak performance in record time, his proven training curriculum lets new pilots bypass the most costly and time-consuming part of learning to fly and maintain a hovercraft: trial by error.

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Five distinct certification programs cater to all hovercraft applications:
  • Standard Training is designed for the general or recreational pilot and covers the basic operation and maintenance required to become a certified solo hovercraft pilot.
  • Advanced Training takes piloting and maintenance skills to the next level. Trainees learn sophisticated techniques for operation in extreme environmental conditions, such as swiftwater, narrow waterways, obstacle courses, steep inclines and more.
  • Master Training is individualized and focuses on specialized training in rescue/military operations and teamwork in an emergency, military or work environment. This course also trains flight instructors: Master students will teach a Standard Training course under the supervision of a certified master hovercraft pilot.
  • Specialized Training is highly customized to meet the needs of rescue, commercial and military hovercraft pilots, both novice and experienced. The course covers basic operations, then proceeds to mastery of actual applications such as ice/swiftwater/flood rescue; task-specific commercial training; military interdiction; night ops and instructor training.
  • Franchise Training prepares franchisees for Hovercenter ownership by qualifying them to provide Hovercraft Test Flights and Standard Hovercraft Pilot Operation and Maintenance Training. It also includes training in extended maintenance as well as Hovercenter setup, operations, management, sales, and marketing.

For those new to hovercraft, or who are wondering if a hovercraft will work for their particular situation, Hovercraft Training Centers also offer a Test Flight where they can spend a couple of hours at HTC, discuss their needs, experience hovercraft operation and determine whether a hovercraft can increase their productivity, improve their safety - or just let them have more fun.


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