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01 May 2013

HoverWorld Insider, Official Publication of the World Hovercraft Organization, is Back on the Scene

HoverWorld Insider, the official publication of the World Hovercraft Organization, is back after a 5-year hiatus to cover news and events for the international community of hovercraft professionals and enthusiasts. Available as an e-newsletter and on the website of the World Hovercraft Organization here. The quarterly publication serves as a resource and a unifying voice for the growing world of hovercraft — including the rescue, military, commercial, recreational and educational spheres as well as hovercraft manufacturers worldwide.

“The Insider is our contribution to the industry,” says Insider Publisher, industry veteran, and HTC founder Chris Fitzgerald. “When the industry expands, everyone benefits. And every time a reader lets us know they’ve found some value in an issue - every time a school incorporates a hovercraft project into their curriculum, every time a life is saved by a rescue hovercraft – these are the things that make it worthwhile for me and are good indicators of industry success.

The re-launch comes during a boom for the hovercraft industry, which recently enjoyed unprecedented buzz due to the massive success of Bubba’s Hover, the viral video of 2012 Masters Champion Bubba Watson flying around a golf course in a hovercraft golf cart manufactured by Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc. The video, brainchild of NYC viral video kings Thinkmodo, got over 7.5 million views within 48 hours of its release in April.

In addition to the behind-the-scenes scoop on how Bubba’s Hover went from a cocktail napkin sketch to an overnight internet sensation, the latest issue of HoverWorld Insider features news about:

  • Commercial Hovercraft — with the launch of the world's first hovercraft flight academy, Hovercraft Training Centers LLC and the latest developments for hovercraft commercial operations worldwide.
  • Hovercraft in Education — with the first intercollegiate hovercraft race between historic rivals Auburn University and the University of Alabama.
  • Rescue Hovercraft — with news of hovercraft-aided rescues and first-hand accounts from search and rescue professionals who rely on hovercraft to save lives where no other vehicle will travel.
  • Military Hovercraft — with a report on how new hovercraft technology is being adopted for ship-to-shore transport by the U.S., China and South Korea.
  • Hovercraft Manufacturing — with the formation of the Hovercraft Manufacturers Association.
  • Recreational Hovercraft —with event reviews as well as a comprehensive listing of upcoming hovercraft events such as races and other recreational gatherings.

The World Hovercraft Organization is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to represent the world hovercraft community and to advance hovercraft technology by embracing, expanding and providing communication between all aspects of the hovercraft world including rescue, military and commercial professionals; clubs, societies and museums; manufacturers; students and institutions using hovercraft in education; and private enthusiasts.

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