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27 May 2014

HTC grad featured on NatGeo TV’s “None of the Above”

There are two sure ways to end up in the spotlight: 1) Learn to fly a hovercraft at HTC, and 2) Own a Neoteric hovercraft. Just ask Gary Meyers: he and his hovercraft, which he named “Neo”, are becoming nearly as famous as Bubba’s Hover!

See for yourself this fall, when Gary and “Neo” will be featured on National Geographic TV’s None of the Above, hosted by the popular British host Tim Shaw. Shaw is a child science whiz turned stunt-happy engineer, who pairs science, humor and stunts on None of the Above “to amaze and dumbfound in equal measure. He challenges the people he meets, and the audience at home, to predict the outcome of a series of ever more spectacular experiments before uncovering the science behind the jaw-dropping outcomes.”
Gary Meyers (left) and Tim Shaw (right) get set for some stunt hovering on Lake Las Vegas.
Here’s a great video preview of the filming on Nevada’s stunning Las Lake Vegas …

You’ve probably seen Gary’s custom hovercraft before and may be wondering what happened to all its artwork. NatGeo felt his craft was so striking it might be distracting! “I was asked to cover the Tek-Wrap logos and images so as to not distract viewers, so Neo was all white,” Gary explains.

Gary reviews the filming: “Tim Shaw rode in the hovercraft with me on several “test flights” where we spun around on Lake Las Vegas and then flew up the beach toward the cameras and other participants. On the first take, I was to run perpendicularly up the sloped beach and stop right in front of multiple TV cameras. No problem – perfect landing! (Thanks to Hovercraft Training Centers, Chris Fitzgerald and Neoteric!) We filmed this approach four separate times at my fastest possible speed, and each time I landed almost exactly on the same spot.

The hovercraft was the main feature of the entire episode,” Gary adds. “I also did a separate interview where I described the Neoteric HoverTrek's features and benefits, and I hope that my many positive comments will survive the editing process!

Enjoy a few more photos of the filming while you wait for Gary and Neo to make your jaw drop this fall on NatGeo’s None of the Above. And leave a comment below to let us know what you think and if you plan to watch the show!

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