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10 February 2014

Take to the Outer Limits!

Watercraft adventures in Florida have reached a whole new dimension – thanks to Outer Limits Hovercraft Tours! Owners Ron Michaels and Ryan Peacock are using a hovercraft to go above and beyond in their All Florida Watersports WaveRunner tours and parasailing business on Marco Island. “We wanted to bring an attraction that has never been offered in our area – something a bit different. We started looking on the Web and there you were. We went on a demo ride and decided that was our niche.”  

It all started at Hovercraft Training Centers, where the Outer Limits crew learned to fly their craft. “You can’t do it without training,” said the crew. “You have to have the experience of an instructor talking continuously in your ear to accomplish your maneuvers.

Ron Michaels (left) and Ryan Peacock (2nd left) complete pilot training with instructor Steve Stafford (3rd left) at HTC headquarters in Indiana, accompanied by USCG Cpt. Josh Eiler (right).
It’s only fitting that their unique plan has extraordinary features; here again Outer Limits has gone above and beyond. “We offer a very specialized craft that is the only one of its kind in the area,” says Ron. That’s why they chose a Neoteric hovercraft. And then they went a step further - just take a look at the design of their craft, shown here with Captain Ron …

Ron: “We came up with an “outer space-ish” design and had the craft vinyl heat wrapped.”
Outer Limits offers two different hovercraft experiences. For daredevils, there’s the Hovercraft Thrill Ride – 30 minutes of spinning, flying backward and other moves that get the adrenaline rushing. Or there’s the 2-hour Eco Adventure Tour through the scenic Ten Thousand Islands, with stops for shell collecting, beachcombing and wildlife watching.

The maneuverability of these high-tech, lightweight hovercraft allows the captain to fly inches
over the surface of either water or land.” says Ron.  “It’s just incredible how there’s no transition;
from land to water you don’t feel a thing. It’s amazing!” adds Ryan.
Ron and Ryan especially appreciate the low environmental impact of Neoteric hovercraft. “These craft fly over water and land nine inches above the surface, leaving no impact or footprint,”  Ron explains, “This is a super sensitive environmentally friendly craft. Absolutely no pollutants go into the water and there’s no propeller under the water that could harm marine life. It’s a great way to protect manatees and other animals from getting hit by boats.

So, southwest Florida, break free of your limits! As Ron Michaels recently told Coastal Breeze News, “We encourage enquiries and are able to design private trips. Not many can say they have taken a flight on a hovercraft and we hope to change that. Let us take you to the Outer Limits!

Then leave a comment below for Outer Limits. Or tell us how you or someone in your area could reach the outer limits with a hovercraft!

(And don't forget - you can take your lover to the outer limits with a hovercraft joyride as a Valentine's day gift!)


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